Track Premiere: Trond – “Die Jäger Werden Fleißig Sein”

I don’t need to speak a word of German to understand exactly what Trond means by Willkommen Im Unheil, the title of their debut full-length.

It’s not just a clever title, either. It’s also a damn good indication of what’s in store when you hit play on “Die Jäger Werden Fleißig Sein,” the track we’re premiering here today at Clandestine Sounds. The solo project of Abigorum guitarist/vocalist Tino “Fluch” Thiele, Trond’s style of black metal is raw, dark, and fucking evil.

Behold the glory of Trond – true black metl for those who still worship the infernal flame of the Scandinavian second wave.

Willkommen Im Unheil will be available on June 26 from Satanath Records and Black Metal Propaganda Deutschland. Preorders are available here.

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