Track Premiere: Order of the Ebon Hand – “Wings”

Hellenic black metal trio Order of the Ebon Hand could not possibly be any more my kind of band if I went all Weird Science and created a black metal band instead of Kelly LeBrock.

Triumphant riffs? Check.

Epic songs? Check.

Compelling themes? They base their albums on fucking tarot cards – super check.

VII: The Chariot, which is both the title and the card they chose for their latest release, is particularly suited for the black metal treatment: the card has a connection to Mars, aka Ares, aka the God of War. We’re streaming “Wings” here today at CS, and it’s an absolute face ripper of a track. Check it out below, and then grab a copy of VII: The Chariot from Satanath Records (preorder here) or More Hate Productions (preorder here) ahead of its June 27 release.

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