Track Premiere: Molde – “Backed By The Reckoning”

Molde doesn’t exactly fit the…erm, mold of what you’ve probably come to expect from a black metal band on Satanath Records. Originally formed in 2003, the Irish band released a single self-titled demo in 2010 before calling it quits for the better part of the next decade. Original guitarist Ollie Ver resurrected Molde in 2017, playing all the instruments himself, and then recruited Poland’s Lord Darkstorm to handle vocals and lyrics – first on a guest/session basis for 2017’s split with Cursed Coven, and now as a full member for The Messenger.

However…you didn’t come here for a historical/biographical lesson. You came for the black metals. Luckily, we have the black metals. Today we’re premiering “Backed By The Reckoning,” the opening track from The Messenger. Fans of late first wave/early second wave black metal are going to flip their shit over this one. Enslaved’s Eld is a pretty obvious touchstone here, as well as early Emperor. The raspiness of Lord Darkstorm’s vocals in particular reminds me of Ihsahn from the Emperor EP. And then there’s that riff – you’ll know exactly which one I’m talking about the instant you hear it. It makes me want to grab a sword and start defending a keep. In fact, I’m going to shut up now so that you can just hit play on the YouTube video below and check it out for yourself.

The Messenger will be available on June 18 from Satanath Records (preorder here) and The Ritual Productions (watch for ordering info here). Go grab a copy after listening to “Backed By The Reckoning” below.

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