Track Premiere: Inhibitions – “Voices Inside”

The more observant among you may have noticed that we’ve been doing  lot of premieres lately from Russian label Satanath Records. There are two reasons for this. First off, Satanath is the shit, and I’m sure you’ll agree that every single one of these tracks fucking ripped. Secondly, Aleksey and Jane (who run the label – Jane also runs Funere) are good people, and I consider them both friends. And honestly, what’s the point of having a metal site if you can’t use it to support your friends? Bands, labels, even blogs like this – they come and they go. The relationships that are built, on the other hand – those are the things that (hopefully) endure.

But you didn’t come here for the feels. You’re here for the black fucking metal, and we’ve saved the best of our Satanath run for last. Greece’s Inhibitions released the absolutely furious symphonic black metal album La Danse Macabre last January, and I think that most people who heard it would have been pretty well satisfied with more of he same on its follow up With the Fullmoon Above My Head. However, Dimon’s Night and Pain, the duo behind Inhibitions, had different ideas…

This time out, the symphonic elements are gone – it’s all icy riffs and sinister atmospheres, with no buffer whatsoever between the listener and the hateful, tormented emotion that drive the album. You can hear it for yourself on “Voices Inside,” which we’re premiering here today at Clandestine Sound. The track is slow, haunting, and more than a little painful. Hit play on the YouTube embed below and ruin your day.

With the Fullmoon Above My Head will be available on June 28 from Satanath Records (preorder here) and More Hate Productions (preorder here).

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