Track Premiere: Golgata – “Askes”

Technically, we’ve got a lyric video premiere here today from Swedish black metal duo Golgata, but since the lyrics are in Swedish, it seemed a bit disingenuous to have labeled it as such. Yeah, it’s a lyric video, but I still have no clue what they’re growling about. Here’s what I do know:

  • The song’s title “Askes” is Swedish for “Asceticism”
  • Skam, the title of the album it comes from, translates as “Shame”
  • “Slå” translates as “beat”
  • The video looks like fetuses doing hard labor in hell and it seriously creeps me the fuck out

For that matter, I have no clue what that cover image is supposed to be, either – a vertebra with antlers? Teeth?

When it comes down to it, nearly everything about Golgata is kind of unsettling, including the music. One shouldn’t need to read the band’s bio to tell they’re from Sweden – their approach to black metal is very much in line with melodic aggression and chaotic blasts of the country’s best known exports like Marduk and Watain. However, there’s something in the way the album is mixed – drums forward, prominent vocals, buried guitars – that makes it seem even more violent than the norm. Listening to “Askes” is an exercise in pain. Play it five times in a row, and I think it’ll count as your 20 minutes of cardio for the day.

Skam will be available on June 17 from Sanatath Records – grab your copy here.

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