Track Premiere: Donarhall – “Hyrr”

You know, in looking back at how I’ve started some of these recent track premieres – I think there’s an outside chance that I’m getting grouchy in my old age, because there’s a lot of shit that I’m either skeptical of flat-out don’t like.

Here are two more: German black metal and atmospheric black metal.

When it comes to the black stuff, I like it raw – Occelensbrigg, Pa Vesh En, Black Cilice, etc. German black metal is not raw – most of it is austere virtually to the point of being antiseptic. And atmospheric black metal…don’t get me started on what passes for ‘atmospheric’ these days.

You know what I do like, though? Sinister Downfall’s debut Eremozoic, which Funere Records released late last year. Eugen Kohl, the lone member of that particular funeral doom project, is much better known as a black metal musician, and Donarhall is the project with which he’s been most prolific. With Helvegr, his fifth full-length under the Donarhall banner, due out on June 25 from Symbol of Domination Productions (preorder here) and Black Metal Propaganda Deutschland, we’re stoked to be premiering “Hyrr” here today at Clandestine Sounds.

One thing you need to know up front: Donarhall is an instrumental project. However, I was about five minutes into “Hyrr” before the absence of vocals really even registered. The textures that Kohl – or Gnev, as he calls himself with this project – creates with his style of riffing actually makes me thankful that they aren’t competing with vocals for space in the mix. I’m sure you’ll agree after checking out the track below.

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