Track Premiere: Deemtee – “Glowing Serpents Everywhere”

As our regular readers have likely noticed, I tend to like challenging music. However, there’s something about the word ‘experimental’ as a genre description that gives me serious pause. I don’t feel that same hesitation with ‘progressive’ music, though. So what’s the difference, and does that distinction actually exist anywhere besides my own head?

They’re both valid questions. I don’t know about answering the second one, but as for the first – I think it has to do with shapes. Progressive music works with recognizable shapes, expanding and altering them but never pushing them to the point where they lose form. Experimental music, on the other hand, does whatever the fuck it wants, which means there’s a greater chance for things to go sideways and totally lose form.

In the case of Spanish experimental black metal project Deemtee, it seems like NHT, the lone individual behind the band, starts from a point where things have gone sideways and just keeps pushing from there. At first blush, that may not seem like a ringing endorsement for Deemtee’s debut Flawed Synchronization With Reality – due out on June 22 from GrimmDistribution (preorder here) and Suprachaotic Records (find info here) – but it’s meant as one. On tracks like “Glowing Serpents Everywhere,” which we’re premiering here today at Clandestine Sounds, NHT doesn’t even give the listener time to find his or her footing before departing for parts unknown.

I could try to describe the song, but why? Wouldn’t you rather just listen to it?

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