Clandestine Sounds has two goals:

  • covering the best in underground black metal, dungeon synth, dark ambient, and dark/neofolk
  • being the most consistently well-written site in the metal blogosphere

If you wish to be considered for coverage on Clandestine Sounds, send an email with links to both your music and your social media profile(s) to editors.clandestinesounds@gmail.com.

Clandestine Entities

His Kvltness – Tormenter-in-Chief
Lady Pöshibelle – Editrix + Mistress ov the Web
Kaleesi  – Editrix + The Mother ov Dungeons
Jane the Lionhearted – Editrix + High Priestess

DB Wounds – Amplifier Worshiper
Dex – Kvlt Dickhead
Kilgore Kraut – Posing + Posturing
KvltCat – Our Satanic Feline Friend
Riggy the Innkeeper – Dispatches from the Holy Mountain